Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jack links to Gila,who supports war&right of dissent

Thanks to Jack for his round-ups of links to Gaza-War articles & posts, including today's. Following 1 of his links, I found Gila defending not only the war, but the democratic right to express disapproval thereof:

"I would just like to remind everyone that having a minority opinion does not necessarily mean that one is part of a fifth column. Yes, I believe that the war is justified and no, I do not believe that diplomacy is going to quite cut it at this juncture. And yes, I do take issue with those who are screaming and yelling now, but who never thought to do so during all the years rockets were falling on Israeli cities. Nonetheless, each person is entitled to his opinions and to his (peaceful) protest. Of course, this does mean that each of us is liable to hear things that we do not agree with, that we find disagreeable. Consider this the price of the privilege of living in a democracy. One could argue that it is also the benefit received; minority opinions force us both as individuals and as a society to think about our own stances."

I recommend that you read the whole post.


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